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Diagnostic facilities

  1. X-ray: GE DX 525 X-Ray Unit was commissioned in 2005 along with Automatic Film Processing Unit. A GE Genius Portable X-Ray machine is also available in the Department.
  2. Mammography: Has one of the best mammography machine- Hologic Selenia Dimension with 3D mammography, stereotaxic and mammotome biopsy facility. Unit also has CAD facility.
  3. Ultrasound Scan: Three Ultrasound Scanners available - GE LOGIQ 200 Ultrasound Machine, Portable Ultrasound Scanner MUS 602,  Color Doppler Ultrasound Scanner (Hitachi EUB).
  4. Major services includes routine abdominal scans, doppler, USG guided biopsies, drainage, pigtail insertion and brachytherapy planning.
  5. CT Scanner: The GE Lightspeed Multi slice CT scanner with GE Advantage Sim Virtual simulation workstations was commissioned in 2007.The major activity includes routine spiral CT scan, CT Angiography, Multi phase studies, guided biopsies, drainage procedures, pigtail insertion andtreatment planning.
  6. MRI Scanner: HDxT 1.5T Signa 16 Channel GE MRI scan was commissioned in January 2013. The machine has capability for routine imaging, whole body imaging, whole body DWI, endorectal coils for prostate, rectal and cervix imaging with prostate spectroscopy, dedicated breast coils and non contrast whole body angiography.
  7. PACS: Has GE Centricity PACS.
  8. State of art Clinical Laboratory for all usual tests.
  9. Histo-Pathology Department for Cytological and Histo-pathological examinations.
  10. Rooms for General examinations, Gynec examinations, Dental examinations etc., with an attached   area for minor procedures.
  11.  Cancer awareness classes and early detection campus for the community.
  12. Robot arm assisted RFA
  13. 4D CT Scan
  14. Full-fledged Microbiology Laboratory


Clinical facilities 

  1. Linear Accelerator (Varian Clinac iX): This dual energy high end Linear Accelerator is a complete and integrated platform for delivering state of the art Radiation Therapy treatments e.g. 3DCRT/IMRT/RapidArc/IGRT/SBRT/SRS. The system is capable of treatment with 2 Photon Beam Energies and 6 Electron Energies. It is equipped with On Board Imaging System capable of KV Xrays, Online Fluroscopy and Cone Beam CT images for online treatment verification and adaptive radiotherapy. The machine treats about 65 - 70 patients daily with 65 - 70% being treated with RapidArc IMRT. This machine has successfully treated over 700 patients since its commissioning in November 2011.
  2. Nucletron 16 Channel HDR Brachytherapy: The system is capable of delivering brachytherapy treatment to various sites. The Centre practices Intracavitary, Interestitial, Intraluminal and Surface Mould Brachytherapy. The centre is in the process of acquiring a MUPIT applicator for interestitial brachytherapy in pelvic malignancies as well as Fletcher Suite CT/MRI compatible applicator. In addition the treatment planning system is being upgraded to the latest ONCENTRA brachytherapy treatment planning. A dedicated Brachytherapy OT is situated beside the brachytherapy vault.
  3. Tele Cobalt 60: The workhorse of the treatment machine treats about 40 - 50 patients per day. The machine is intergrated with the CMS XiO treatment planning system. Compensator based treatment is offered for all radically treated head and neck cancer patients.
  4. Treatment Planning System: The department has the l;atest ARIA Oncology Information System along with the ECLIPSE treatment planning system. In addition it has the ADVANTAGE Sim, PLATO and CMS XiO treatment planning systems. The PLATO treatment planning system is being upgraded to the latest ONCENTRA BRACHY treatment planning system.
  5. CT Simulator: The department is in the process of acquiring the latest 16 slice CT Simulator capable of 4D image acquisition. The CT simulator will be exclusively available for the department of radiation oncology and will reduce the waiting list for the advanced treatment substantially. The present CT simulation is being performed on the 4 slice GE CT machine.
  6. Conventional Simulator: The department hasConventional Simulix Simulator in which all patients are simulated. The images can be fluroscopically transferred to the treatment planning systems.
  7. Mould Room: The department has a well equipped mould room with facility to make custom thermoplastic immobilization masks, vaccum cushions, compensators, Electron cutouts etc.
  8. Outpatient service is being conducted 6 days a week.
  9. Average 1200 outpatient visits a week.
  10. Cancer Palliative Medicine Clinic.
  11.  Recognized institution for possession and supply of Oral Morphine.
  12. Operation theater well equipped to perform all major surgical procedures
  13. Endoscopy services with Oesophagogasitric, Colonoscopic and Bronchoscopic examinations.
  14. Fully functional Modern Blood Bank (Division of Transfusion Medicine) provides clinical services to support patients in need of blood component therapy, apheresis components, cellular therapy, therapeutic apheresis, irradiated blood and specialized laboratory diagnostics like flow cytometry, HLA typing.
  15. Day care chemotherapy ward, Separate general wards for male and female in-patients.
  16. Semi payments pay wards and single accommodation paywards
  17. Post operative and pre-operative wards are also attached with this.
  18. 24 hours Pharmacy dispensing all the medicines for cancer patients.
  19. Tobacco Cessation Clinic
  20. Stoma Clinic

Supportive Facilities


  1. Drug Bank: Drug Bank is formulated for collection of drugs from Doctors in and around Thalassery and also sample medicines issued from various pharmaceutical companies. Such medicines are issued free of cost to the needy poor patients, who are undergoing treatment from this Centre.
  2. Home care services: Home care services provided to patients staying nearby and who are unable to travel to MCC for availing treatment.
  3. Hospital Library for patients and relatives: A unique Hospital library for patients, their relatives and staff is functioning in the centre since 2005. The library is funded by Kerala State Library Council.
  4. Tele Medicine Unit: Telemedicine facility has been started in MCC with financial assistance from NRHM and technical assistance from C-DAC and Kerala State IT mission.
  5. National Knowledge Network connectivity
  6. Dynamic website www.mcc.kerala.gov.in in English and Malayalam Languages
  7. Implemented eProcurement System of Govt. of Kerala.
  8. Two Smart Class Rooms
  9. 26 acres of elevated greenery land
  10. 11KV dedicated line, which can drop power up to 2.5MW
  11. Transformer capacity of 1600KVA
  12. DG of 250 KVA and 500KVA
  13. Effluent Treatment Plant with 110 KLD
  14. Incinerator with capacity of 25KG/hr
  15. Open well to cater all needs of the Hospital
  16. Incinerator with capacity of 15kg/hr
  17. Canteen for Patients and staff
  18. Dormitory for bystanders 


Immediately requires on
permanent basis qualified Faculty as:
1. Radiation oncology,
2. Nuclear medicine,
1.Medical oncology,
2. Nuclear medicine,
3. Clinical Hematology
4. Radiology

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