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Head of the Department:

Dr. M.S Biji, Assistant Professor


      Department of Cancer Palliative Medicine has been functioning in this Centre, since November 2002. The Centre is a recognized medical institution for possession and supply of Oral Morphine. The Palliative Care Services also provide counseling to patients and their family members. Cancer palliative medicine aims at improving the quality of life of cancer patients especially those for whom curative options have been exhausted. Department of Cancer Palliative Medicine has an inpatient, outpatient and home care facility. Inpatient and Outpatient department functions on all days from 9 AM to 5 PM except on Saturdays. Home visits are made twice a week.

     Homecare facility for the needy patients was started on June 20, 2009.  It caters to the need of patients staying within 35 kms from MCC.  There are so far 227 patients registered in homecare facility..  Patients are given medication free of cost. Procedures like ascetic tapping, wound dressing, catheterization, Ryles tube insertion are done.  Apart from this psychological support to the patient and their families are also given.

Effectiveness of coordination with palliative care link centers:  As a result of referring the palliative patients to Link centres for palliative home care services and outpatient care, MCC has been able to reduce the load of palliative patients in the outpatient department and home care (Statistics shown below).  MCC aims at concentrating on training activities for doctors, nurses and volunteers so that effective palliative care services can be established throughout Kannur district.

Research Programme: Pain Free Hospital Initiative
      The Global Access to Pain Relief Initiative, or GAPRI, was created in late 2009 by the Against for International Cancer Control and the American Cancer Society to address a target of the World Cancer Declaration: to make effective pain control universally available to all cancer patients in pain by 2020.

Integrating pain relief into service delivery at 3 cancer centres in India: the Pain-Free Hospital Initiative. MCC is one of the centres selected,the other two are  Cachar Cancer Hospital and Research Centre, Silchar and  Thakurpukur Cancer Hospital, Kolkata, West Bengal .


Goal: One-year quality-improvement program to integrate effective pain treatment into hospital-based services



  1. Motivate clinicians to evaluate and treat pain
  2. Equip clinicians with the skills and tools to effectively treat pain
  3. Measure the impact of the program
  4. Communicate the impact of the program

As part of the programme  it was decided to calculate :

  1. The pain scare for MCC every month.
  2. Morphine consumption every month.
  3. Classes on pain management for doctors and nurses.
  4. Knowledge of doctors and nurses in pain management tested every three months.

Research Activities:

  1. A pilot study on “Effectiveness of palliative home care service – A survey” was conducted and was accepted for poster presentation at AROICON 2010 (Association of Radiation Oncologist of India) held at Patna. The study is being continued comparing with an international scale to assess the patient satisfaction in homecare service.
  2. Pilot Study on “Painfree Hospital” analyzing the incidence of pain, their effective management (using simple drugs from the WHO analgesic ladder) in the in- patients of MCC is on the process. The goal of this study is to make MCC a “Pain Free Hospital”.


  1. It is an academic department providing training in Palliative Care and Management for Volunteers, Nurses and Doctors.
  2. Continuing educational programmes for doctors and nurses
        Courses- IAPC, BCCPAN etc
  3. Sensitizing programmes among school children and general public
  4. Home care services and free medicines
  5. In-patient and outpatient facility 
  6. Researches in cancer palliative medicine
  7. Decentralization of care implemented- Tie up with peripheral centres.





CPM registration




Home care registration












The reduction in the No. of Homecare registration is because the patients are referred to link centres home care services.








2 batches of 2 weeks course

IAPC course-1st batch

Auxillary nurses

Only workshop

CCCPN-1 batch

12-monthly CNE


12-monthly CNE



Awareness classes

-Awareness classes

-3 days training, 

-Training of trainers

 Academic Activities and Training Programmes

1. World Palliative Care Day Celebrations 12th October 2013

2. June 2013 batch  IAPC course in "Essentials of Palliative care"

3. Academic Activities and Training Programmes 2011

4. Academic Activities and Training Programmes 2010

5. Academic Activities and Training Programmes 2009



1. Dr. M.S Biji, Assistant Professor, MBBS, PG Diploma in pain & Palliative Medicine.

Immediately requires on
permanent basis qualified Faculty as:
1. Radiation oncology,
2. Nuclear medicine,
1.Medical oncology,
2. Nuclear medicine,
3. Clinical Hematology
4. Radiology

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15/07/2020,5.00 PM


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